The scientific program will cover all important issues related to fluorine chemistry and technologies. The unique and useful properties of this element, and of the compounds and materials containing it, will be addressed. The event will focus on the impact of fluorinated products in Medicine and Health (including drugs, drug delivery, and diagnosis), in Energy Production and Storage (spanning from fuel cells to lithium batteries), and in responsive and adaptive materials (comprising metamaterials and ultra-performing materials). Other topics will be addressed, including the use of fluorine in agrochemicals and the impact of fluorinated product in the biosphere and atmosphere. The basic scientific and technological aspects of fluorine chemistry will be also addressed. The overall aim will be to tackle all areas where fluorinated derivatives impact with a focus on New Technologies for a Sustainable Development and a Global Stewardship.  


Eric T. Ahrens (USA)
Bruno Ameduri (France)
Vincenzo Arcella (Italy)
Olga Boltalina (USA)
Thomas Braun (Germany)
François Diederich (Switzerland)
Enrico Drioli (Italy)
Mohamed Eddaoudi (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Makoto Fujita (Japan)
John A. Gladysz (USA)
Veronique Gouverneur (UK)
Wojciech Grochala (Poland)
Frederic Guittard (France)
Rika Hagiwara (Japan)
Gerald Hammond (USA)
Jimbo Hu (China)
Beate Koksch (Germany)
Marie Pierre Krafft (France)
Ingo Krossing (Germany)
Jaroslav Kvicala (Czech Republic)
Frederic Leroux (France)
Scott Mabury (Canada)
Surya G. K. Prakash (USA)
Virgil Percec (USA)
Nicola Pohl (USA)
Surya Prakash (USA)
Norio Shibata (Japan)
Joseph-Stuart Thrasher (USA)
Antonio Togni (Switzerland)
Carsten Tschierske (Germany)
Samuel A. Wickline (USA)
Wei Zhang (USA)

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